Friday, January 7, 2011

Preparing for my 1st Marathon: CCM 2011

Eleven years ago, after my 1st 21 km run, I said to myself that I would not be doing that again.

Two years ago, I was contented with my weekly routine of 6k to 8k loops running solo around Cempark.

A year ago, I said to myself: "Why are these guys so excited for a marathon (1st Cebu City Marathon 1-10-10)? I can just run anytime I want, anywhere I want and any distance I want."

Six months ago, I thought my weekly 10-15 km Sunday Fun Runs at 5:30 min/km paces were satisfying and gratifying already.

But today, two days before January 9, 2011: the 2nd Cebu City Marathon, and after a 14-week training program, I reflected on my earlier thoughts.  I will be running 42.195 km this coming Sunday, I will be running with more than a thousand other crazy guys registered for the same category (including my Team TytsBogdo), I am excited like I have never been in my life and a 5:30 min/km pace is now something I can only dream of.

But my marathon preparation has been made easier by Team TytsBogdo. With special mention of course to my wife and family. But TTB has made the 14-week training program more enjoyable rather than monotonous and boring. To the celebrity sightings on the road during weekday runs, to the many posts and comments on Dailymile and to the many Sunday LSDs, TTB has been more than a running group & family. In fact, sometimes I think I'm more updated with what these guys are doing or saying on Dailymile & Facebook than my own family & friends! Maybe that's an exaggeration but I'm sure you guys get my point.

So to TTB, Ungo Runners and the thousand-plus other crazy registrants for this Sunday's Cebu City Marathon: see you at the finish line!!!

A little photo tribute of Team Tytsbogdo in preparation for CCM 2011:
TTB's first LSD back in August

After the Citigym Halloween 21km run

Conquering Run United 32km in Manila

CarBOGDOloading at Fudge before CCM 2011

My race pack for Sunday

"You will be mine!!!"


  1. yup. it will be yours gyud chard. the first of the many. " my precious"

  2. see you sunday el presidente!

    Goodluck! yes! we can!

  3. So true, so true. Those twin mangoes will be ours!

    Good luck, bai!