Monday, July 18, 2011

One Year with Team Tyts Bogdo

August 7, 2010. It was a Saturday. And it was a spur of the moment LSD (Long Slow Distance) run organized just a few days earlier on Dailymile. It was to be a 21-kilometer run that would cover the 2 major bridges in Cebu. Most of us have never run that far for a long time, and for some never ever. Heck, most of us have never even met in person yet! A full marathon was only a dream for most of us, yet we were going to tackle a half-marathon with not much preparation. 

"I could never imagine myself running for 21k!" That's what Charles Cullen said to me just a week earlier when we first met in an Ungo LSD. Boying Milan was the only experienced marathoner, having finished his 1st Milo Marathon just a couple of weeks earlier. That's why everybody called him 'Coach Boying'! Everybody kept asking him questions and advice on preparing for a marathon. And it was Doc Izzy 'Fafi' Rabang who came up with the name 'Tyts Bogdo'. Team Tyts Bogdo, or TTB for short. Once again, Coach Boying has all the answers on his blog:

But in many ways, that Saturday LSD was a truly memorable experience for me. It was my 2nd 21k run ever and I had to struggle trying to finish since my foot was already hurting. But those guys certainly helped me finish. And in the upcoming months of training for that first marathon, we would try to find the time to train together, despite the different schedules we all had. As a result, I guess we all pulled ourselves up into achieving something by training together and pushing each other's limits.

TTB has certainly grown after a year. Not only has it grown in number, but I guess into something more than just a catchy group name. Of course, it also helps that we are officially a part of the Ungo Runners. And after all the LSDs, ReHydrations, carBogdoloading, races, marathons and ultra-marathons, it's hard to imagine what this crazy bunch of Adiks have achieved for one year. So, what's next for TTB? Anything, Coach Boying? What say you now, Chuck? Whatever it is, one thing's for sure with TTB: Sayang ang Miles!!! Happy Birthday, TTB!!!

A short pictorial summary of TTB's 1st year:
August 7, 2010 Saturday LSD
STC Glamour Run: the debut of the 1st TTB singlet
Citigym Halloween Run: TTB medal finishers

Run United Leg 3: TTB banner finish
Cebu City Marathon 2011: Graduation Day for TTB
SM2SM Run: TTB's new singlet debut
Citirun 2011: more running medals
Leon Kilat's Retreat: an Ungo 42k run
to infinity & beyond, TTB?